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Asset tracking

Case 1 : Problem : A facility continuously receives , installs, maintains, and replaces a variety of equipment. Tracking that equipment throughout it's life cycle required special software , special equipment (barcode scanners, etc), and cumbersome 'administrative' work involved in receiving and tagging, transferring locations, and tracking the scrape was often not done do to the work involved and the lack of resources.

As a result, there was no real tracking of the equipment's life cycle. Audits required extensive labor and time to find the equipment, and any equipment not found was assumed "removed" but with no verifications or reasons for the removal. Inevitably "finger pointing" results from the lack of control.

Solution :
QRnotes labels were made available at the receiving points- the receiver simply applies the label to the item and uses his phone to record any initial notes about the equipment. As the equipment is transferred, maintained or scrapped, the user again scans the QRnote with his phone and enters the applicable information. Individuals and departments that receive assets can EASILY also record the transfer out of their control because, with QRnotes, everything then need to do is right on their phones and instantly available.

Results :
Better use of assets, reduced costs via saving in audits , increased tracking as personnel whom received equipment were recorded and THEY verified that transfers out of their control were recorded. Increased reliability as the lifecyles of products is now recorded and product comparisons are easier .