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Legal documents, etc -searchable document notes

Case 1 : Problem : A document reviewer, or multiple document reviewers, need to note and comment on various information on different pages of a document and then to later be able to find that information and comments again quickly and to collate the comments from different authors.

Solution :
QRnotes allows for the collection of information by multiple reviewers and the searching of comments by word or reviewer name.

Initial reviewer applies a QRnote label to a document and enters a brief description of the document. If the document is part of a 'case' then the case number is also recorded as part of that first record. For each successive notes the page # ( or "Bates" ), being reviewed is the first text in the description - followed by any comments and or pictures. Optionally, reviewers use smartphones to take pictures of items or even text or attach physical 'sticky arrows' next to the area of interest on the page and give the sticky arrow a number which is then refereed to in QRnotes

So, for instance, when a new contract is received - the initial receiver places a QRnotes label on the document then scans the QRnotes label and enters basic information about the contract into QRnotes. The contract is then copied and distributed to the team. As each team member has a question or comment they scan the QRnote label , enter the page# and the concern or question. The concerns and questions can be seen by all and edited or removed by members with the correct passwords.

Results :

Searches can be done quickly by page, or text and sorted by page or by author. Any reviewer can see ALL reviewers notes and get the benefit of the teams ideas and viewpoints.