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Lab Samples - Investigation & Evidence Tracking

Case 1: Problem :The collecting of evidence needs to be formalized , systematic, and above reproach. Paper based systems can work if the users are ALWAYS accurate and thorough but but , by their nature, introduce "concerns".

Linking various pieces for collected data, pictures, and physical evidence can, of course, be done via manual means but assumes a near "obsessive" personailty of the invetigators and considerable additonal work in both the collection process and in the reviewing of data .

The core-complexity of most paper based "bag it, and tag it" systems is that there is no BUILT-IN linkage between tags , let alone data, pictures, and weblinks

Solution : While QRnotes obviously allows the printing of tags as well as the linking of unlimted amounts of data , pictures, and weblinks - the "Business" version also allows for the one-step linkage of differnt QR tags ( i.e. Linked "bag-it and tag-it operations" with tags placed on collection containers or the items themselves) So a user may , at anytime scan an existing tag already linked to an investigation- then scan a new tag and select the "link option" . The tags are now tied together so the user may scan any one of the linked tags and easily migrate thru all the linked tags.

In the case of data and pictures, and physical web links - mutliple records can be added to any QRnote . In the case of physical samples , each piece of evidence ( or the container (bag, etc) it is placed in is given a QRnote. The investigator scans the QRnote, enters the case number, types in notes, and takes photos of where the evidence was collected. QRnotes has the time stamps, the investigator , and any pictures or text associated with the collected evidence.

As evidence moves thru the chain, every new party scans the QRnote and a record is kept of the entire evidence chain.

Reports are simple to create , as are other data searches.

Results : Evidence is collected in a method that is very hard to corrupt, intentionally or unintentionally. An unlimited number of tags may be attached to the case and linked to each other. Reports are easily generated, and the system is affordable on any budget.