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Home documentation and property tags & facebook

Case 1 : Problem : Many devices and processes around the home are not know by all family members and if the process is not repeated/practiced regularly the knowledge is lost. Typical examples recipes, microwave times, how to light the fireplace, the best way to pack an item, how to use a device, etc

Solution : QRnotes labels are placed on or around equipment. A family member then scans the QRnote label and begins entering operational information. IN some cases, such as the microwave times, multiple entries may be added. When a family member later wants to use the device , they scan the QRnote and all the entrees appear. If needed the famly member uses the search function to find the data they need.

Results :The information about the day to day running's of a house, its devices, and processes is easily documented and readily available to ALL members of the household.

The household is safer and more efficient.

Case 2 : Problem : Individuals have a large amount of personal property that is either "mobile" or "semi-mobile" that often ends up in a place that is not where it is suppose to be or where differnt parties claim ownership of it.

Solution : Property owners print a number of waterproof QR labels for under a penny a piece. Each piece of equipment receives a tag and is scanned into QRnotes along with contact info. For valuable items, a picture is taken of the serial number as well. In some cases a facebook link was put into QRnotes

Later if the item is found - a QR scan provides contact info, and if ownership is disputed the QR scan settles that as well.

If the item is lost and a picture was taken of it the QRnote can be looked up and the serial number reported.

Results :"Free-ish" property tags can now be placed on anything and with no need for pre-planning necessary.