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Kiosks and Help centers

Case 1: Problem : Computer based kiosks have become the defacto method of advising people about a facility. Their cost is easily justified in stable high traffic areas however that is not so in lower traffic areas nor in areas where layout and related information change quickly.

Solution : QRnotes offers an extremely cheap and highly adaptable way of providing a kiosk. The author creates a large QRnotes label ( QR codes can be as large as needed) and directs visitors to it as a kiosk. Users scan the kiosk and get instructions on using the program , along with maps and a search field. There is also a speech-to-text button and the kiosk can support any language

As information changes, the author can update the QRnotes kiosk in seconds.

Results : Kiosks are now a reasonable solution for even low volume traffic as well as high volume changes.