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Getting Started

Printing QRnotes labels

How To video on label printing: click here

How to peel labels from their backing: click here

You can print your QRnotes label as far ahead of time as you want and the HOW, WHO, and on WHAT material they are printed on is up to you as well.

Using the built-in QRnotes program to create QRnotes labels

QRnotes provides an easy to use online program that uses your browser to create pages of labels and your browser's built in 'print page' ability to print the labels.

If you are printing your own labels you can use your standard office printer and either standard paper stock or label stock that you purchase from your office supply store. ( If you decide on paper stock we recommend that you completely cover your labels with clear 'packing tape' to extend their life.)

If you have special needs such as metal tags or high volume we would be happy to help. Please drop us a note so we can arrange a time to talk via support@qrnotes.com

Click here to go to the QRnotes Label program QRnotes qr labels

Using spreadsheets and other 3rd party programs to create labels

If you decide NOT to use the QRnotes label generation program and are, for instance using the spreadsheet programs explained below, but you still want QRnotes to keep track of the next label number available to print.
Click here to update the label count if NOT using QRnotes to create the labels

Click to download a configured MS Excel file QRnotes qr labels
Click here make a copy of a Google sheets QRnotes qr labels

Validation Check

Click here to go to the QRnotes Validation program