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Safety,Security,and validation

Case 1: Problem : A school has an after school child pickup car lane that parents and guardians drive into to pickup their respective children. The school's 'pickup attendant' needs to validate that the children only go with with adults with the proper clearance. "clearance' can be dynamic with new adults receiving it AND having it pulled on a regular basis.

Solution : When an adult is being given clearance to pickup a child or children, the school issues them a badge with a QRnote on it. The adults name and the name of the children they are allowed to pickup are entered into the QRnote and a picture of the adult is also entered into the QRnotes. The school can change teh clearance and the name of the children associated with the clearance at anytime.

When a parent or guardian arrives at the school the QRnote on the bade is scanned and the children that adult has permission to pickup is displayed and the school's pickup attendant allows the child to leave with the adult. If the parent shows up without a badge, the attendant can search QRnotes by the parents name and see the list of 'cleared' children and a picture of the parent.

Results : The children are kept safe and at very little cost to the school .