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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)  

  • How do I add a QR reader to my smartphone or tablet ?

    Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can use QR codes , and if you have not installed a QR reader yet - we recommend :

    For Android we recommend our QR reader :

    Android QR Reader

    For Apple - QR reader is now built into the camera...but if you have an olderer version...:

    Apple QR Reader

    For Kindle :

    Kindle QR Reader.

    After installing the app, launch it and point the camera on your phone at the QR code.


    1) When reading the QR code , the camera has to 'auto focus' on the code to read it. The distance the camera needs to be from the label depends on the size of the label and the resolution of your camera. In general, if the QR code looks like it is in focus on your screen , you are close - just move it in and out a bit to find the right spot for your camera.


    2) Don't place QR codes within a few inches of each other. The readers do a great job but if two codes are close to each other - the code that looks like is being focused on - may or may not be the one actually read.

  • Do users ( the people scanning/READING QR labels) need an account?
    - No, users don't need an account or to enter ANY data (no emails addresses, etc)

  • How do I configure and read a QRnote from my PC (or Mac) which does not have a QR reader or camera ?
    - A QRnote code is accessed by a web address
    (i.e "http://lf2c.co/36/s/?q=FRE-21 ).
    So you can copy the web address you get by scanning a QR code with your android or iPhone and enter that web address into a browser to configure or read it.

  • We are putting QRnotes labels in public places but want to limit who can look at our information. How do we do that?
    - For now, we suggest you put that private information in an other system and then link to that system via QRnotes for you proprietary information.

    There are many free and "pay for" methods of doing this. For instance, you can use Google's Docs to create a "Word" type document (with images) , then 'publish it to the web'. BUT Google let's you decide (and change) who can see the document on line.

    After creating the external document , just set your QRnotes up with a web link to that document

  • Can a QRnotes record take a user directly to another web address like a standard QR?
    - Yes. If you put in a single web address with no description and no picture , QRnotes will automatically redirect to that web address without displaying a QRnotes web page

  • Can I add a picture from my files to QRnotes instead of taking a picture with my phone ?
    - Yes. Use the QR reader app in your smartphone to scan the QRnotes label and it should display the QRnotes web address attached to the label. Use your PC /Mac to go to that address.

    When you configure from a PC or Mac and click the "camera" icon , instead of taking a picture like QRnotes does on your smartphone - it assumes you want to attach an exisitng photo

  • Can we make multiple copies of the same QR code to put on our products?
    - You CAN make multiple copies of the same QR code BUT if you are selling "commodity type items " (high volumes of the EXACT same thing, i.e. ketchup bottles vs custom engine configurations) QRnotes are not a good fit. Please contact us and we will be happy to help you quickly setup the correct way

  • Do we have access to the database ?
    - Yes, your account administrator can read and write to YOUR accounts records

  • We have hundreds of pieces of equipment, but only a dozen or so TYPES of equipment. Is there a way we can use something like a 'selection list' to automatically enter the majority of the data and then make any slight adjustments for the specific piece ?
    - Yes, QRnotes has a "generic list" option. Essentially you
    1) generate your "generic" QRnote for each TYPE of equipment and save it,
    2) pull the 'generic' QRnotes backup and select the 'Tools' icon on the top right page of QRnotes ,
    3)- select the 'Add to selection list ' checkbox.

    Now when a user in your account scans a new QRnotes label they will see a "Selection list" drop down box. They select the generic TYPE they want and the QRnotes is filled in with the data from the "generic" item and the user can make any needed changes before saving.

  • Can we create QRnotes for our customers?
    - Yes, if it is related to their use of YOUR product or services. You cannot create QRnotes for resale or another businesses purpose.

    So, a member in a doctors office CAN create for clients , and a member that works for a manufucaturer CAN create for equipment they sell

  • Are there any limits to how many QRnotes codes we create?
    - No, you can create and use as many labels as you need.

  • Are there any restrictions as to how many times a QRnotes label can be scanned ?
    - No, not specifically. However for EXTREME conditions of volume may require a different arrangement. In that event we would work with you to minimize any disruption

    Remember you may NOT configure QRnotes for other businesses - for any reason .

  • How big and how small can a QR label physically be?
    - There is virtually NO limit to how large a QR label can be - billboard size ones are common. On the small side, there is not a definitive answer but 'penny' size is about the smallest possible, and "postage stamp" size is recommended to make sure most phones and tablets can read them.

  • We have 3 people whom will be creating QR's , can they share an account ?
    -No. Everyone configuring an account will need their own user ID and password.

  • How do I cancel a subscription ?
    -Log in to your PayPal account.
    Click the profile icon next to "Log out."
    Click Payments.
    Click Preapproved Payments.
    Select "QRnotes" cancel.
    Click Cancel.

    The next payment wil not be received by QRnotes and , after a few days grace period, your subscription will be canceled